Day 22

7 Sep

And so it’s the last day of the last season of a four-year project. Except of course that it’s not. There’s still tons to dig and we will be recording into Monday. In the world of the Anglo Saxons, Giles is taking the baulks out of the sunken featured building to reveal it in all its Teutonic glory. As ever, all the finds are in the baulks and we get a 7th century coin and more bits of pottery. The baulks, of course, sit over the main post-holes, as this was a classic tent-like SFB. They also sit over a very intriguing centrally placed cow’s head, which the Dear Leader is keen to see as ritual, handily discounting the other 10 crates of animal bone that have come from the SFB. The animal bone is excellent and will form a pretty good assemblage to assess how consumption of animals at Caistor changes between the Roman and Anglo Saxon periods. But the head does look pretty odd.

Removing the baulks in the SFB. Note “ritual” cow’s head.

Meanwhile back in ditch world all the ditches are bottomed and the team clean up for final photos. The north ditch is a true monster and forms a substantial defence, although the middle ditch could be jumped by any self-respecting barbarian. All the ditches have produced excellent assemblages of material so we should be able to date them fairly closely (or at least date when they were filled in fairly closely).

The north ditch in all its glory

But onto more important things.  It’s officially the last night of the project and so we celebrate what we have managed to do over the last four years. We’ve had some great results, found some great archaeology, met some lovely people and had a lot of fun. But we obviously haven’t finished and so it’s back tomorrow to extract the rogue body from the north ditch.

The last night

“It’s getting chilly. Throw another student on the fire, chaps”

Sue’s 2012 dig cake, featuring the sunken-featured building in all it’s glory. There is also an earwig hiding round the back in commemoration of the great earwig plague of 2011.


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