Day 20

7 Sep

It’s Saxons ahoy in trench 11 as a bit of bone comb comes up. Bone combs are a classic find on Anglo-Saxon sites, matched only by loom weights in the Anglo-Saxon smoking gun stakes. We’ve now got rubbish pottery, post-holes and bone combs. How much more perfect can our sunken-featured building get? Meanwhile back in the ditches trench, everyone steadfastly ignores the body discovered on the previous day and gets on with the more important business of shouting “train” at every available moment.

The skies darken over #caistor. Martian war machines not pictured

Around lunchtime the skies darken and start to look like the beginning of the Tom Cruise remake of War of the Worlds. Fortunately indestructible Martian tripods don’t erupt out of the trenches dispensing carnage and mayhem, but it does rain quite a lot. We run for cover pretty early to not make the mistake of the previous day and trench 10 make it to the marquee. Trench 11, however, is stuck on the other side of the river and its occupants are forced to cower under their B and Q gazebo as the lightning flashes.

Sheltering in the gazebo

“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe …”. The Dear Leader channels his inner Rutger Hauer after the rain

The trenches fill with water very rapidly, with the sunken featured building becoming merely sunken and so it’s game over for the day. The only bright spot is that some visitors seek shelter in the marquee at the height of the storm and feel obliged to buy some souvenirs lest we send them out into the rain again.

Some wet people in the marquee


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