Day 19

7 Sep

We’re back at full strength on Wednesday and it’s another day of media based fun as the BBC4 aerial photography documentary makes its second visit to the site. Fortunately the sunken-featured building, which we hopefully postulated on camera on their previous visit to the site, has turned into absolute reality, thanks to the discovery of genuine crappy Anglo-Saxon pottery and the post-hole which Giles carefully excavated when no-one was looking. He only half-sectioned it, however, and it’s clearly real, so the accusations that he made it up are clearly unfounded.

Ian (who has come dressed as Action Man) finds some genuine Anglo Saxon pot

Heather does some more trowelling for the camera and the Dear Leader holds forth on bits of Samian, a topic of which he knows very little. Connor and Alex go for their 15 minutes of fame by staying behind at lunch-time to trowel in the background of the shot (as all archaeological documentaries are contractually obliged to have someone trowelling in the background). It is inevitable that any film crew on an excavation will want to film at tea break or lunch-time but luckily Connor and Alex are happy to prostitute themselves for the cameras and so the TV gods are satisfied.

Connor and Alex: guilty of televisual trowelling

Wednesday also sees the return of Elliott from Hexcam and his amazing Octocopter, which draws the usual gadget-hungry crowd. It’s quite a windy day, adding a potentially random element to Octocopter use, but Elliott flies without problem and gets some more great overhead shots of the trenches, before the skies darken, the ice-cream van turns up and it begins to rain. We make the schoolboy error of leaving it slightly too long to abandon site and get absolutely soaked. The ice cream man’s sales are poor.


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