Day 18

7 Sep

Tuesday has been declared a day off for both trenches. Neil is in, however, catching up on his recording (admittedly at a distance of over 100m from the trench), while Giles takes advantage of the absence of his team to carve some post-holes in the sunken-featured building. He finds a lovely big one which is the “classic” central post-hole at one end of the building. This really is the smoking gun as far as sunken-featured buildings go, meaning the SFB goes from “Almost Definite” status to “Absolutely Confirmed”. This is truly a top result and means that for the first time, Anglo Saxon occupation areas have been confirmed at the Roman town.

Ian and Wendy draw the sections in the lovely and absolutely confirmed sunken-featured building. Famous post-hole not shown.

Meanwhile, oblivious to all this excitement, the Dear Leader and Heather have decided to have a happy hack in the north ditch to try and bottom it out. All is going well. The sun is shining, the cricket is on, soil is being shifted and a rich variety of trains are being spotted. Then disaster strikes. Dishy Dickie, who is manfully manning his sieve, announces the discovery of a human toe bone. “Pah”, say Heather and the Dear Leader, not pausing to consider how a single toe might end up in a large ditch. Some more toes, however, this time attached to a leg, bring their cheerful day to an abrupt halt and they are forced to face the fact that an articulated human skeleton lies between them and the bottom of the ditch. Luckily we have a license in place to deal with human remains, due to the discovery of the headless body (copyright all newspapers) in week 1, but it will cause unnecessary delay, not to mention a bit of head scratching as to how a body ended up being thrown into the north ditch.

Richard: guilty of discovery of unwanted toe bone.


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