Day 17

7 Sep

Just another manic Monday, as the Bangles so succinctly put it. The ditches team, encouraged by Heather, have taken to shouting “train” every time said means of transport goes past the site. We are on the main line from Norwich to London so this happens quite a lot (every 20 minutes or so at peak times). Visitors are bemused by this behaviour but the trench guides just tell them we don’t get out very much. The Anglo Saxon team, who are almost right next to the railway line, remain steadfastly unamused by this childish behaviour and go stoically about their business ignoring the continual excited cries of “train” from across the river. They are perhaps not yet over the cake injustice of week one.

Heather and Lydia develop a train typology of which the salient features can be viewed below.

“train”! The SFB team is not keen on such frivolity, however.

“Little train” (in snow)

Baby train


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