Day 16

29 Aug

It’s Saturday which is the day that Gwladys the Samian Lady comes to admire our splendid collection of red shiny pottery. This includes some sections of a very bloodthirsty Dragendorff 37 (big fruit bowl type dish) which has all sorts of lion devouring gladiator stuff going on. We also have a lion-spout mortarium (mixing bowl) in which the potters have made the lion resemble Micky Mouse by using their thumbs to create ridiculous looking ears.

Mickey Mouse mortarium


A bit of beast munching gladiator action

The North Ditch is getting ever deeper and even more excitingly seems to be later than the others. The south and middle ditches have a road running over them but the north ditch seems to cut the road. This is thrilling stuff and just the sort of thing that archaeologists get very excited about. It’s now a sequence with a story, instead of just being three great big ditches.

Neil has the day off to watch Norwich City vs QPR. His devotion to the Canaries is such that it amounts to religious belief and thus we must make due adjustment to working practices. Sadly, however, it is a 1-1 draw after City were ROBBED by Bobby Zamora being inside the box while a penalty was taken. Boo, hiss etc.

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