Day 13

29 Aug

Thursday is truly a day of innovation as we are visited by Elliot from Hexcam and his amazing Octocopter. The Octocopter, as the name suggests, is a small helicopter with 8 rotors. This makes it buzz around in the manner of a little airborne spider, looking like something that the Americans would use to spy on the Taleban. The 8 rotors, however, make it an amazingly stable platform for low level aerial photography, with the capability for video and some interesting 3D effects. As well as being very effective, it is a top quality boys’ toy and arouses great interest from all in the vicinity. The team are given strict instructions not to look up as there is nothing worse than an aerial photograph of a site with a load of people staring gormlessly up at the aeroplane.

Elliot and the Octocopter

Elliot and his amazing Octocopter

The Octocopter has arrived at a fortuitous moment as the trenches are looking quite pretty (at least from the point of view of someone who doesn’t get out much) and the streets of the Roman town are showing up very nicely as parch marks in the ground. The Octocopter also proves to be very useful for chasing sheep which interestingly follow the lines of the streets as they run in panic across the landscape.

Elliot’s work at Caistor can be seen below and also at plus some amazing 3D stuff at He is available to hire for all your aerial photography needs and comes with the Caistor seal of approval, although if he crashes through your conservatory roof it’s not our fault.

The view from above


One Response to “Day 13”

  1. HexCam August 29, 2012 at 7:56 pm #

    Thanks Will! Nice to see you again today! Get back on your blog and hyperlink those links ‘cos they is well messy! 🙂

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