Days 11 & 12

24 Aug

Tuesday and Wednesday is when successive trenches have their days off so it all gets a bit quieter than normal. The Dear Leader and Dr Dave go to lay out the new trenches using a sort of “here be dragons” plan that involves a lot a tape measures and finding of grid pegs. Previously the grid pegs had proved hard to locate and in his absence Keith’s colleagues in trench 11 (aka the trench of the sunken-featured building) had suggested that he had removed the pegs from the ground because they were red and shiny and he liked red and shiny things. Keith had thus been unfairly maligned, because the Dear Leader and Dr Dave couldn’t find the grid pegs, so their rediscovery meant his honour was restored.

One the trenches were in position, the Dear Leader went for his once a year photo opportunity with a mattock and removed some topsoil aided by Brian, Alex and Ian. Having exhausted himself by mid afternoon he was relieved to see Andrew Selkirk from Current World Archaeology appear over the horizon so he could return to his traditional activity of wandering around pointing at stuff and scratching his chin.

The ditches trenches are being expanded to allow us to reach the bottom and Lydia scores find of the day on Wednesday with an ace bronze pin. She is congratulated on her find by Chrissy’s mother, who at 98 is probably the oldest visitor we have had on the site. She gave Chrissy a good telling off for spending all her time with a bunch of reprobates and gave the Dear Leader a good telling off for keeping Chrissy away from house and home.

The cake count is on the up and Brian provides a cracker of a cake complete with edible trench. Sword sales are not looking good however and the Dear Leader may be forced to make the students buy them as compulsory material for their course.

Chrissy’s Mum (Frances) visits the trenches

Brian raises the bar for cakes in 2012





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