Day 8

19 Aug

Today was the first of our family days and was absolutely beltingly hot. If Satan had decided to run a family fun day (with suitable eternal torment-themed activities) he couldn’t have asked for the fires of hell to have burned hotter. Nonetheless we have a good turnout. The charming Gilbert Burroughes showed off his replica Samian pottery (which would make a lovely present for your nearest and dearest) and Andrew and Natasha practiced their Boudican war cries on unsuspecting children. This involved getting families to shout “Sod off Romans” (and similar imprecations) in Welsh. Although the historical and linguistic veracity of this might be questioned, a good time was had by all, so hats off to all who worked so hard to make it such a success.

Gilbert talks up his wares

Other big news is that Chrissy modeled the orange dig T-shirt (which hitherto had sold extremely poorly) to great effect. A number were shifted and sword sales were also buoyant.

The diggers in the trenches kept going valiantly in the heat, with the Dear Leader emerging occasionally from the shade (where he was being gently fanned by his punka wallahs) to shout encouragement to those sweating away. The troops were revived by the arrival of Mr Paravanni in his ice cream van which necessitated a complete cessation of work for some full-on 99-based action. Let’s hope he comes again.

Happy Heather


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