Day 5

15 Aug

A panorama (courtesy of Giles) showing the location of the trenches. The Roman town is the green bit (with sheep) between them.

It’s a quiet day today as the ditch trenches have their day off. The Dear Leader appears in the Eastern Daily Press doing some laughable posed trowelling in the company of Hazel M.

The SFB trench is going great guns, however, with the other quadrants being steadily removed in order to reveal the possible Anglo-Saxon hut and our stalwart pot washers are working heroically through the finds mountain.

One nice find is the handle of a Spanish olive oil amphora (Dressel 20 for all you amphora fans), which Alice identifies as a 3rd century example after consulting Jane’s Book of Roman Amphorae. Spanish olive oil was exported in huge quantities and there is a hill in Rome made almost entirely of dumped Dressel 20 oil amphorae. So there was olive oil consumed in 3rd century Caistor. Who says that Norfolk lacks sophistication?

Rain is forecast but doesn’t materialise, although the Dear Leader takes no chances and fixes a hole in his tent with gaffer tape in preparation for the deluge to come. Per takes advantage of his day off to pop into Norwich and buy a board game so that he and the other campers can play in the evening. Frankly this is disappointing behaviour on the part of the student body, who should be indulging in nightly bouts of heavy drinking and other reprehensible activities. Another example of declining standards in Britain’s higher education system.

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