Day 3

12 Aug

All is quiet in the trenches. Per has gone bright red in the sun but consoles himself with the fact that his tent is much larger than those of his colleagues (although judging from the evidence of Day 1 also much more difficult to erect). His tent is of course dwarfed by that of the Dear Leader, which has a conservatory, a terrace and a roof garden. However, the first indoor earwig of 2012 has been spotted in the directorial tent, so battle will commence shortly.

A student’s tent

The Dear Leader’s tent

There is an initial run on dig T-shirts as people attempt to decide what size they are. Some of the children’s T-shirts seem to be aimed at the morbidly obese, which is a sad reflection on society today. Hazel M also buys the first 2 swords (new variety stocked this year) for her grandchildren Toby and Jasper. They are only 20 months but she thinks they will grow into them. Jack comes up with a fine lemon drizzle cake, which rivals George’s legendary lemon drizzle cake of 2010. Coming up with cake two days in a row is exemplary and we salute him. Cake doesn’t make it across the river to trench 11, however, and there are dark mutterings. Claims that the trolls ate them fail to convince, so trench 11’s cake situation will have to be addressed

In the world of archaeology the Anglo Saxons have gone a bit quiet on us. We’re hoping for spindle whorls as the Anglo-Saxons scatter them around like the Friday night revellers on the Prince of Wales Road scatter the red cabbage from their kebabs. The ditches, however, are emerging in a satisfactory way and producing tasty finds.

The new project website has gone live. See It rocks.

One Response to “Day 3”

  1. Sue-From Roman Brampton August 12, 2012 at 7:47 pm #

    With reference to the earwig(Ernie).He accosted me in trench 10 on Day 1 to ask for directions to the Directors tent…..said something about massacre last year, had an old score to settle………..

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