Welcome to Caistor 2012

5 Aug

Reconstruction of Caistor as it might have looked around AD 300 (Channel 4/Rough Collie)

Welcome to the blog of the Caistor 2012 excavation season. Once again we will be digging some large holes in the Roman town of Venta Icenorum in Norfolk. As usual we will be giving you exciting updates on archaeological discoveries, cake, sword sales and earwig incursions. Don’t forget to come and visit us. The site of Caistor Roman Town, owned by the Norfolk Archaeological Trust, is open to the public every day and the excavations can be visited from August 11th until Sept 1st. It’s all absolutely FREE although donations to the project (and the Trust) are welcome. Once again we are indebted to the British Academy, who are sponsoring the excavation, and to our friends at May Gurney and A-Plant who are supplying tools and site infrastructure. This year we are also indebted to Broadland Environmental Services Ltd (a joint venture of BAM Nuttall and Halcrow Group) who are supplying a bridge enabling us to get over the river and to Anglian Home Improvements (for the loan of a van). Look out for our next post telling you what we are digging and why we are digging it.


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